The Berkeley College Republicans are a group of young conservative political activists that are interested in politics, philosophy, debate, and discussion.  We are composed of students that come from across the United States and around the world, and we are united in our shared belief of limited government and more personal freedom.

We are situated in the most liberal area of the United States: Berkeley, Cal29ifornia.  Known as the Birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, UC Berkeley is the epicenter for the fight for the First Amendment on college campuses.  On February 1, 2017, violent riots transpired when our club attempted to host well known commentator Milo Yiannopoulos.  In response to that, we started the New Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley.

Since then, speaking events with David Horowitz and Ann Coulter have also been cancelled, leading us to file a lawsuit againts the University of California, Berkeley, for their violations of our First Amendment rights.  Recently, the United States DOJ filed a Statement of Interest in support of our lawsuit.

We will not relent.  We will continue to fight biased policies imposed on us by University administrators in an attempt to silence our speech.  This is why we have declared 2018 as our Year of Freedom; we are hosting a wide range of conservative speakers that promote the conservative agenda in an effort to bring intellectual discourse back to the Birthplace of the Free Speech Movement.

We meet every Thursday evening on campus, where we host guest speakers, debate policy, and discuss current events.  For more information regarding upcoming meetings and events, check our Facebook Page.